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As you know, in 1986 in Chernobyl, a city located on the territory of Ukraine, there was a large-scale catastrophe of anthropogenic nature. This catastrophe caused the explosion and subsequent spread of radiation.

Elimination of dangerous consequences began immediately after the explosion, but it was not possible to completely get rid of the radiation. That is why the population of the city was forced to leave, and the settlement itself was mothballed.

Tourism in Chernobyl

The first tourists appeared in the city in 1990-2000. It was then that many valuable artifacts contaminated with radiation were removed from Chernobyl.

Currently, tourism in the exclusion zone is established, and therefore you can not get here without permission, special outfits, equipment and escort.

You can find out how Chernobyl looks like in the spring on the site https://www.chornobyl.com.ua/chernobylskaya-zona-otchuzhdeniya-vesna-2018/, having got acquainted with the detailed information and having looked through colorful photos. Thanks to this, you can recreate in your imagination the picture of what is happening in the city and tune in to visit it.

Features of tourism

Several years ago in the territory of Chernobyl, an access regime was introduced, and therefore it is impossible to get into its territory without a special pass. That is why in order to get to the city's territory you need to write an application to the appropriate authorities that will issue permission to visit him.

When entering the territory of Chernobyl, tourists will need to show a passport.

After that, they as part of the group can visit places in the city according to a route prepared by the organizer.

Rules for tourists

Tourists who decided to visit the Exclusion Zone should follow certain rules. Categorically, you should not eat in the open air. All those who want can feed in the dining room in the city.

Also, tourists are not advised to touch their objects, the walls of houses with their bare hands and take out the found items outside the city limits. All because they are contaminated with radiation and are a great danger to the health of people and animals.

It is recommended to put on things that can be disposed of after visiting the zone. If these things are not there, clothes and shoes need to be washed thoroughly to get rid of harmful microelements and reduce the risk of infection.

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